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belonging. // {ayato sakamaki}
{ ayato sakamaki x fem!reader }
warning(s): dark themes, possessiveness, blood.

            There you were; in an alleyway with the strangest and most beautiful young man you had ever met.  Ayato Sakamaki.  His hips pressed yours into the brick wall, and one of his hands locked both your wrists in place above your head.
            Though, he wasn’t a man at all, your dear Ayato. 
            He was a vampire.
            A creature of the night.
            A beast in human form.
           He was the hunter and you, his willing prey.
            His tongue passed over your cheek, and he breathed in deeply through the crook in your nose.  “Ah~
:iconbat-clawz:Bat-Clawz 213 24
Soup (Ruki Mukami x Reader)
“Hey, where is everyone?” you asked as you entered the large library
“No idea” he answered simply, his eyes never leaving his book.
“Where the hell could they be? It’s almost time for dinner!” you puffed, clearly annoyed by the disappearance of your other roommates.
“And, why do I care?” he rolled his eyes, going back to his book.
You pouted at Ruki’s actions. It was so him, not to pay attention to you whenever he was reading. It annoyed you, so much. You actually loved the fact that he was a bookworm, it kinda set him apart from the other, not so interesting, boys that lived at your house. But you hated it when he ignored your presence because of them, especially because you knew he did it out of spite.
“Urg, whatever then. I’m making dinner. I’m hungry”
You started walking out of the room, going back into the long hallway that led into the kitchen. But it didn’t take long for you to be stopped b
:iconotakulane:otakulane 223 90
Ayato x Reader Chapter 1
Ayato x Reader
He stared at me with those pale cold eyes as he approached me. He had an unreadable expression on his face as he approached me slowly. As I watched him come closer I got chills. Every step he took, I took a step back. "What's wrong? Are you scared of me? Just a second ago you told me you loved me…" His smooth voice told me.
I tried to reply, but every word I think of disappears in my throat. I hit my back against the brick wall, I should run… but it feels like I can't walk anymore. He stopped as he ran his hand through his dark red hair before smirking at me.
He approached me and stopped in front of me. He swung his right arm and punched the brick wall. His fist was a few centimetres from my face. I shivered as his face got closer to mine.
He brought his hand up to my collar and traced down with one finger. "You love this don't you?" He whispered, "You love it when I touch you. 'Cause your heart's pounding." He was right. My heart was pounding loudly that I c
:iconsweetsugarlime:SweetSugarLime 206 25
Flesh and Blood [Subaru Sakamaki x Reader]
He loved the way she whimpered for him.
It was the only thing in the world that was perfect. How she would shiver and squirm at the lightest of his touches or when she would beg and plead with him to keep going, whispering his name desperately like it was a prayer.
“Shut up,” he growled as he grasped her body with tightly closed fists, his hands a cage that she would never be able to break free from. “You’re so annoying...just stay quiet!” He could hear her breathing quicken as he brought his mouth down towards her throat, using one hand to angle head closer.
“B-But what if someone comes in and—”
“They won’t,” he grunted as he gazed at the throbbing vein hidden beneath her neck’s flesh. “They’re idiots, but they know not to fuck with me when I’m taking a nap. And that’s what they think I’m doing. So if you just stay quiet until I say so and le
:iconlupus-astra:lupus-astra 658 61
Laugh Maker [Sakamaki Subaru x Reader]
”Subaru-san, please open the door.”
”Go away!”
Sighing tiredly you leaned your head against the wooden door and closed your eyes. You had woken up to the sound of things being destroyed in Subaru's room, so you had hurried over to check on him. You should have guessed his door would be locked, but that didn't stop you from knocking and begging him to let you in. Knowing him, he had problems with his anger, so it was expected that he would lash out like this. But you were worried, you always were. Many hours of your life was spent trying to make him happy, but you usually somehow ended up making him angry instead. But now as he was alone in his room, his brothers not even bothering to check on him, you refused to leave until you were able to see that he wasn't hurt.
Yes, you knew he was a vampire and that he couldn't get hurt that easily, but it didn't stop your heart from throbbing when the sound of glass breaking was heard across the mansion. Ever since you had
:iconnixdex:nixdex 371 48
Perfect [Reiji x Reader]
“More, you ask?”
For a moment, all you could perceive was darkness, save for a thin strand of moonlight invading the private corridors. Your eyes fell heavy as waves of fatigue washed over you. Short intervals of cold breath reddened the placid shell of your ear. Icy fingers took a hold of your face and gently twisted it over, exposing the ruby jewels, glistening in the muted light.
With a short inhale, Reiji sank his fangs into their desired place. You gasped at the sting but the pain slowly transitioned into pleasure, pleasure at his close proximity, at his hand resting at the base of your hip and the little curve of your neck, at the weight of his chest pressing into your own.
Perhaps...even pleasure from the pain. As he drained you little by little, warm prickles formed along the lengths of your arms. The aching melded into a heated stirring within you, despite the frigidness forming in your hands.
But, was it wrong to feel this way?
Pulling away with quivering breaths,
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 313 90
deep blue. // {shu sakamaki}
{ shu sakamaki x fem!reader }
warning(s): possessiveness, blood.

            His eyes were swirling pits of deep blue ocean water.  They were hypnotic and tempted you to the darkness that you knew you should otherwise avoid.  The dark and dangerous love of a vampire.
            Humming, you kicked your bare feet in the pool gently, watching the young man float aimlessly in the water.  You had yet to heed the warning behind his eyes, and you did not think you could ever follow it. 
    In fact, as you stared down at the oldest son of the Sakamaki family, you realized that you wished to tempt the creature within him.  You wished to see those eyes staring at you.  You wished that Shu would make you part of him.
            You brushed your foot sharply along the harsh stone wall of
:iconbat-clawz:Bat-Clawz 330 35
Shu Sakamaki x Reader - Go Back To Sleep [ONESHOT]
It was the average day in the Mansion, you were avoiding any unpleasant encounters. You were fed up with being food. You lay there in your bed wondering how to avoid them completely without causing trouble. Could you hide? No, they will easily find you. Could you be busy doing something and tell them no? Probably not. Could you go back to sleep? Definitely not. You really had no options whatsoever. How troublesome. You got out of bed, your [Hair Length] [Hair Color] locks nicely placing on your form. “Ehh?! I feel exhausted and I haven’t even done anything..” You muttered to yourself. You then let out a small sigh of annoyance. Same events, different day… You heard a gentle sound of breathing from your bed. As you looked over you noticed one of the more tolerable ones, Shu. You didn’t even notice him there. You blinked a few times staring at him. “When did he get there?” You whispered, trying not to wake him. “Too noisy.” He mutter
:iconcheckumeito:CheckuMeito 556 93
DIABOLIK LOVERS by mesubuta DIABOLIK LOVERS :iconmesubuta:mesubuta 195 11


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Nikol Bischoff
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I am a 30something stripper, semi-retired model, Dominatrix, nerd, geek, weirdo, furry, nutjob. So there. Neener.

Current Residence: Cocoa Beach, FL
Favourite genre of music: 80s is still a genre, right?
Favourite photographer: I have to pick one???
Favourite style of art: Fractals!
Operating System: Win Vista
MP3 player of choice: WinAmp
Favourite cartoon character: Dangermouse
Personal Quote: All these scars are mine - INXS
but there was no lousy tee shirt.
  • Watching: Twitch
  • Drinking: Gatorade



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